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Jan 18, 2013 1:00am PST
shortly. her husband frankie was a former teammate. they and armstrong were close until they testified in a lawsuit alleging armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs. she's been watching the interview transfixed in our green room, does not want to miss a moment of it. we'll talk to her coming up. with me is daniel coyle along with former armstrong teammate tyler hamilton of "secret race: inside the hidden world of tour de france, doping, coverups and winning at all costs." also bill strickland and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. first blush, what do you think? >> it's the most painful, successful therapy session in the history of television. it's riveting. not necessarily in a good way for armstrong. >> have you ever seen armstrong so uncomfortable, so nervous? >> he looks like he's strapped to the seat of a plane that's crashing. he looks really uncomfortable. he's not giving it up. occasionally there are flashes where it seems like he's genuinely self-reflecting. there's a lot more pauses, a lot more hesitations, a lot more hair splitting as she said. >> do you think he's tell
Jan 4, 2013 4:00pm EST
should. what?! frankie, if you're a gard, you've gotta start behavin' like a gard. you're too nice. you can't be a gard and one of the boys at the same time. i'm part of the community. every community has an 'us' and a 'them' -- you're a 'them.' that's nice. anything else? all right, yes. you need more presence. i mean, look at ya -- there's more meat on a butcher's apron. you must come round more often. will i ask dr. ryan for steroids? you can get them off me if you like. look, frankie, i like ya fine the way you are. but you've got to decide are you a human being or are you a gard? reporter: this ballykissangel confessional web site -- is this an australian idea? this what? "your one-stop confessional mailbox." my one stop -- ? "post your sins. praise the lord -- "is that mastercard or visa?" well, uh i believe we had a confessional... is your guilt gone? ( interview continues ) i gave the money back. father sheahan: father, it's a stunt -- why are we taking it seriously? because the television are taking it seriously. no, they're not,
Jan 18, 2013 12:35am PST
it's a huge steph. >> reporter: frankie andreu was his best friend and teammate until he and his wife testified they heard him admit he took drugs. armstrong went on the attack, accusing frankie and betsy of lying. >> she said in her deposition she hates me. >> reporter: why would he say the same thing if you don't? >> probably to support his wife. >> reporter: after that, frankie went from friend to pariah almost overnight. >> i'd go to events and i didn't know who my friend was, who my foe was, who would shake my hand, who would spit at me in disgust. i got e-mails, traitor, rat, just ripped apart. it was also from the live strong supporters. >> reporter: they weren't alone. fellow teammates floyd landis and tyler hamilton and former tour winner greg lamond all spoke up and all were smeared as jealous liars trying to profit, cover their own troubles, or both. but landis wouldn't be denied, speaking with investigators, and eventually launching the investigation that brought armstrong down. he talked about it in a "nightline" exclusive in 2010. >> if i'm taking on lance armstrong, tha
Jan 10, 2013 1:00am PST
, including eyewitness testimony from others. betsy andrews husband, frankie, rode with armstrong on the u.s. postal team was one of the first to testify against armstrong. it took tremendous courage. betsy joins me along with "new york times" juliet mckcurr. >> betsy, in the intro, we heard him talk about the threats, and intimidation. even death threats. to anyone else it may sound crazy. but you actually lived this. you yourself, said that lance armstrong tried to destroy you after you testified five years ago to hearing him admit to taking drugs. what did he do? >> well, e-mail accounts were hacked. and i filed a police report. we went through -- we hired attorneys so we could discover who hacked into our e-mail account. we spent thousands of dollars. we got nowhere because a virginia court doesn't have to comply with michigan subpoena. frankie got a text in spanish from lance which said caution. >> frankie is your husband? >> yes, yes, i received numerous phone calls throughout the years. they have stopped in the past couple of years. and it is just the threat of we see what lance has
Jan 18, 2013 8:00am PST
attacks. i want to specifically point to one person named betsy andreu, she's the wife of cyclist frankie andreu, armstrong dropped frankie as a teammate after betsy accused lance of doping in 1996. here's how it happened. she says that she and her husband were present in a hospital bed -- in a hospital room when lance is in a hospital bed and had to answer some tough questions to the doctors about his health. when the doctors asked have you been taking any drugs, any performance enhancing drugs, she says that lance listed a litany of them, and that she gave that testimony under oath when she was asked. she just said she was honest and for that honesty, she and her husband were attacked and that their lives were changed forever and then as i said already, per husband dumped from the team. betsy had a chance to respond to the oprah interview and she did so by speaking directly to camera via anderson cooper's "a.c. 360" program last night. you got to see it. >> you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball, after what you've done to me, what you've done to my family, and you couldn't o
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
his brain at an indiana testimony and his teammate was frankie andreu, the couple would later testify that they heard armstrong list off all the performance enhancing drugs that he'd taken to two doctors. armstrong would deny that under oath and then repeatedly attack the andreus and oprah asked him about that last night. >> was betsy telling the truth about the indiana hospital overhearing you in 1996? >> i'm not going to take that on, and i'm laying down on that one. >> was betsy lying? >> i'm just not -- i'm going to put that one down, she asked me, and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call or the confidential personal conversation. >> betsy andreu's with us this morning. nice to have you. let's talk first about that call. 40-minute call. how did it go? what did he say? >> it was very emotional. and it's more important that lance apologize to me privately instead of apologizing on oprah, because that would have been not as meaningful -- >> he apologized to you on the phone? >> he apologized to me on the phone. he was right, it was a private conversation and it was v
Jan 29, 2013 10:00pm PST
been getting tons of photos of 49er fans. >> here we go, that is frankie. 49er from san mateo. doesn't look to sure about that helmet, but frankie, nice going. >> and here's riley, she is wearing one of grandpa's old shirts. >> and that's four-year-old matthew from union city. he says go niners. >> and finally, shine, jr., ten months old. his mom says he is super bowl bound. >> keep them coming. e-mail your photos to or upload them to our website. >>> all right, only tuesday, but the bay area is fired up for the big game on sunday and it's actually good weather. so that's good, right? >> why not start the party outside from inside. watch the game, take it outside and celebrate when they win. got it all planned, just make sure you watch. cbs 5 is going to be where the game is. here's a peek of the radar, which has been so dry. who would have thought it would be one of the driest januaries ever in san francisco after we got so much rain after thanksgiving and early december. but nearly a drop around here tonight or for the next several days. clear skies, it is late j
Jan 19, 2013 4:00am EST
by name, the frankies, the betsys, the greg, the tyler, the floyd landis, i owe them apologies. whenever they are ready, i will give them. >> what was he trying to accomplish here? that remains puzzling to me. he talks about being reinstated. that he thinks he should be reinstated. he's 41 years old. his career as an elite athlete was over anyway. >> he said he would love to run in the chicago marathon at age 50. >> okay. but is that something -- that's so different from what he used to be, to finish somewhere in the middle of the pack in the chicago marathon nine years from now -- >> but he's dominated triathlons. a triathlon is a huge sport in his country. he could be a big name in the world of triathlon. >> the world of triathlons. that's a tiny world. compared to the tour de france. >> yes, compared to the tour de france, but triathlons are a big sport. jeff, i don't know how often you're running out there but there are a lot of folks competing in triathlons. there's not the scale of the tour de france, but there are a lot of events in which -- he's a competitor. he wants to compete.
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
of dollars, we got nowhere because a virginia court doesn't have to comply with a michigan subpoena. frankie got a text from lance in spanish which said "caution." >> frankie is your husband? >> yes. i received numerous phone calls throughout the years. they've stopped in the past couple of years. and it's just the threat of we see what lance has done with other people, whether it's with us and the loss of jobs with frankie getting -- having his career completely derailed because he rode the tour clean and refused to get on a doping program along with lance. >> as you read the reports of the investigations and the evidence that has come out and the things that you have said and so many other people have finally now testified to, the public image that lance armstrong has created for himself seems at such odds to what so many other people in his inner circle have experienced over the years. >> well, that's true but that's because he created -- the perception and the reality were completely different. so the person you see is the image he wants you to see. he's a chameleon. i've said this befor
Jan 10, 2013 4:00pm EST
, frankie, not as much as a new one. it's not about -- i understand. sentimental value. no. it was a wedding present. ( paul grunting ) ( chuckling ) aah!!! aaahh!!! liam: a horse's saddle? i mean a horse's head i could understand. it shows him we mean business. and what're you gonna put in his bed when you really want to wind him up? blinkers? all right! i like horses, okay? i prefer them with their heads on, and even if i didn't how exactly am i gonna do that? "excuse me, miss burke d'ya have the loan of a chainsaw?" "i do, donal of course -- what for?" "well now, miss burke, "i just want to sever the head "from one of your finest thoroughbreds." "is that right, donal? "tear way. it's in the shed." have you finished? at least i made the effort. frankie: when did you first become aware there was something else in bed with you? when i woke up. obviously. what did you think it was? i thought it was the wife. at first. you thought a top-of-the-range saddle from clutterbuck's in kildargen was your wife? frankie, don't start. and when did you disc
Jan 18, 2013 4:30am EST
of deception heard many like his former teammate frankie who says he was targeted for threatening to expose lance armstrong. >> ipod e-mails calling me a traitor. >> armstrong position now carries risks. in the second part of the interview, it will be closely watched by lawyers for lying under oath, but it's outlasted the statutes your criminal perjury, although we could face civil lawsuits. >> it is a little late on the confessing but i'm glad you finally is coming out. >> a cancer survivor now stripped of his seven tour de france titles commented on why he kept lying. >> the story was so perfect for so long. mythic. >> the u.s. anti-dumping association says his admission was a small step in the right direction. abc news, washington. >> the live strong foundation created by armstrong's released a statement. "we at the foundation are disappointed by the news that lance armstrong misled people during and after his cycling career, including us." earlier this week he apologized to our staff and we accepted his apology and. we look forward to devoting our full energy to our mission of helping p
Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
teammate frankie andrew. she spoke out tonight after the interview. >> he owed it to me. you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball of what you've done to me, what you've done to my family and you couldn't own up to it and now we're supposed to believe you? fact.... tomorro >> part two of lance armstrong's interview airs tomorrow. tonight he was very matter of fact. tomorrow night a much different lance armstrong. he gets emotional, even breaks down when he talks about his children, his mother and stepping down from live strong. >> it's amazing. this guy has fallen so far in the eyes of so many. thank you. >>> now the college football star who was inspired to greatness by a cancer stricken girl friend that never existed. according to notre dame university linebacker manti te'o was duped into an online relationship that turned out to be a hoax, but somehow the hoax snowballed into the inspirational tale of an athlete playing through the grief of his girl friend's death. here's a clip of tonight's cbs evening news. >> manti te'o had been riding a wave of sympathy and celebrity all se
Jan 23, 2013 10:00pm PST
back and got the attention of neighbors. she breaks free and runs down the street. frankie tavares captured the event. >> oh, yeah, you don't come to a neighborhood like this and do that. any neighborhood, but there's sick people out there. >> reporter: police released this sketch saying the suspect wore blue dickies with brown shoes stained with white paint. she put up a good fight. >> i'm sure it was frightening for her. she fought back valiantly. >> reporter: a neighbor came running out into the street barefoot in his pajamas when he heard the cried. he even got in his car and circled the neighborhood. >> had you have caught him, what would have happened to him? >> i would have done what i had to do and turn him into the authorities. >> reporter: police wanted to confirm all of the details before getting this out to the public to make sure this case of legit. that's because a couple of days ago, they dealt with a fake report. but this is for real. >>> a bay area school district is coming clean about an abusive teacher. despite being convicted of beating a child, the teacher cann
Jan 20, 2013 11:35pm PST
la velada fue frankie negrón y prince royce >> ¿pensaste que la bachata llegaría acá? >> es un orgullo que haya crecido tanto en comparación a años atrás, por eso debemos seguir cantando, y sacando música. >> una jornada inolvidable, de principio a fin. >> y este es solo el inicio, mañana después de la juramentación publica, la fiesta sigue, ahí estaremos, regreso al estudio >> aunque mañana es la gran ceremonia, en la práctica, el presidente ya tomó posesión, hoy en una gran ceremonia privada. con testigos presente, 5 palabras del juramento oficial, lourdes nos tiene un resumen del acto que se volverá a repetir mañana. >> el presidente barack obama ya entró en funciones, fue juramentado hoy 20 de enero como lo establece la constitución en una ceremonia íntima en la casa blanca >> que dios me ayude, respondió con la mano en la biblia de la familia de la primera dama, buen trabajo dijo sasha, "lo logré" le respondió >> después joe biden, y pusieron una ofrenda floral en el cementerio general en arlington, y mañana se repite en la escalinata del capitolio, e
Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
the streak. frankie tavares captured the event on a network of infrared cameras. >> you don't come to a neighborhood like this and do that. any neighborhood. but there are sick people out there. >> reporter: it happened on 33rd and st. james, just after 6 in the morning last friday. police released this sketch, saying the suspect wore blue dickeys work pants with brown shoes that were stained with white paint. they say the girl put up a fight. >> it was a fighting situation. she fought back valiantly and was able to escape. >> reporter: the neighbor came running out the street barefoot in his pajamas when he heard the cry for help. he even got in the car and circled the neighborhood. >> had you caught him, what would have happened to him? >> couple of weeks: rain! meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather center. a lot of people in the bay area with apple stock are going to wake up tomorrow morning... and wonder what its worth. tonight, it's nogookg to wake up tomorrow morning and wonder, what is it worth? tonight it's not looking so great. ap
Jan 18, 2013 4:30am EST
into that early '60s pop genre of teen idol - the bobby rydell the fabian, the frankie avalon. most people that are music historians and follow that time period know that he was way more of the singer than most of those people were. and this back catalog of music shows that. the fact that he's got six albums worth of material laying around that nobody's ever heard shows that they were really trying to get his voice on as many things as they could. >> ♪ we all have our angels, and yet i suppose ♪ ♪ we all have our devils, that's just how it goes ♪ ♪ and i wouldn't change a thing ♪ i'm so blessed to be doing what i'm doing, and to be in this business over 50 years, and to have my family in the music business. ♪ some distant promise ♪ ♪ no, i wouldn't change a thing ♪ what else do you want? what do you need? this is what we do, you know. i can still do it. ♪ ♪ >> rhea: to find out more about the music of bobby vee and his family, visit the rockhouse productions website at >> kwame: next we meet amy sackett, a hip-hop dancer and choreographer who
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
, with franky having his career derailed because erohe road the 2000 tour clean and refused to get into doping with lance. >> when you hear the things that have been said and testified to the public image that lance armstrong has traitcated of him seems to be at such odds. >> well that is true and because he created the perception and reality were different. so the person you see is the image he wants you to see. he is a camillion. if he wants you to like him and if you are an important member of the media or a politician and if you are wealthy and he can use you he will be charming. and if he wants to bully you then he can be intimidating and very, very mean. >> you broke the news last week that armstrong was considering whether to admit to doping. what do you think he is going to say with oprah? do you think this is kind of a full admission interview? or how do you think he is going to play this? >> that really depends on your definition of full admission. how big it will be is up to anyone's guess. but will he detail to any one's doping, this secret blood transfusions the needles in the arm
Jan 10, 2013 8:00pm EST
down the television. i will move on to arizona. frankie is in arizona. he is a student. what is your situation? how much student loan debt do you have? caller: i go to a community college in arizona. i have not taken any student loans. thecalling in response to lady from texas. she says she has to go back-to- school because she is no longer marketable because of the student loans. this is one of the many unintended consequences. this idea that they can make education free for people, all it does is drive us in demand for degrees. what is happening is that everyone has a degree and it is not as easy. the problem is not education is too expensive. that is a consequence of the true problem, which is the federal government being involved in places that are not constitutional authorized. what happens when the government gets involved is that the prices go up and quality those down. host: i will keep you on the line for a second. i went to play you some comments that gave the exact opposite view held by bill gates. here is a short clip from bill gates. take a listen and see what your respo
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
armstrong admitted he trampled on to defend his own lie. she is the wife of frankie andreu, armstrong's ex-friend, former teammate on the postal team. she testified in this lawsuit deposition about this 1996 hospital room visit in which she says she heard armstrong admit to this doctor to taking five performance-enhancing drugs. oprah winfrey asked him about this and here is what he told her. >> was betsy telling the truth about the indiana hospital? overhearing you in 1996? >> i'm not going to take that on and i'm laying down on that one. >> was betsy lying? >> i'm just not -- i'm going to lay that one down. she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call, it was a confidential, personal conversation. >> well, you know did talk to betsy andreu, anderson cooper, minutes after she watched that exchange with oprah. >> betsy, just, first of all, your impressions on what you heard tonight. >> i'm really disappointed. he owed it to me, you owed it to me, lance, and you dropped the ball after what you've done to me, what you've done to my family, and you couldn't own up to
FOX News
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
. she and her husband -- her husband frankie, rode for the united states postal service team. years ago they were in a hospital room in indiana where they heard talking to the doctor and lance admitted to the doctor, yeah, i took everything -- >>brian: when he was in the hospital bed in 1999. >>gretchen: for years he said she lied and so did her husband because there was another person in the room who backed him up and apparently did so under oath. here is his response to people like betsy who had come out before and said they knew he was actually doping. here's what he had to say about it. >> she asked me and i asked her not to talk about the details of the call, the confidential personal conversation. it was 40 minutes long. i spoke to frankie as well. >> is it well with the two of you? have you made peace? >> no. >> okay. >> because -- because they have been hurt too badly. and a 40-minute conversation isn't enough. and -- >> yes, because you repeatedly characterized her as crazy, called her other horrible things. >> i did call her crazy. she would be okay with me saying this. but i'
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
described him as one of his closest friends. teammates in the 1990s. frankie and his wife betsy frequently socialized with armstrong. this picture shows the three of them cooking dinner in 1995 together. what would become a quickly pattern, armstrong turned on the andreas after they testified in a lawsuit alleging that armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong vehementally denied using drugs. calling her vindictive and jealous and portrayed her husband as bitter because his cycling contract with armstrong's team was not renewed after the 2000 season. then there was this, a voicemail left for betsy andreu by a friend and associate of armstrong. >> i hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head but i also hope that one day you will have adversity in your life and you have some type of tragedy. it's pathetic, betsy. i thought you were a better person than that. >> betsy andreu provided the voicemail to the new york daily news as evidence of the threats and intimidation she says they suffered. then there's greg lamand, the only american to win the most grueling race before ar
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm PST
. with some other friends of lance's, franky and i and lance, and asked a few banal questions and then, boom, have you ever used any performance enhancing drugs. and lance rattled off epo, cortisone, steroids, testosterone, growth hormones. >> do you believe he is going to say, because at the time, he indicted he may not say that he was the guy in charge of this, that he was the guy running the operation. he was just one of, you know, many teammates who did this. can you see a scenario where he would try to make that claim? >> the thing with lance is he was co-owner of the team. he decided who was hired, who was fired, who got paid what. for example, when franky was fired in 2000, he rode the tour clean, refused to get on a comprehensive doping program seeing the doctor, he was fired from the team. for lance to say he wasn't the ring leader, there wasn't one other cyclist who owned the team like he did. >> and no one had the power he had. what are your anticipating hearing tonight? what are you going to be listening for? >> two things. first, i'm going to be listening for truth. and the trut
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
'm sorry i did that. betsy andreu, the wife of former teammate frankie andreu who testified she heard armstrong admit to doping. for years armstrong buried her in insults calling her crazy and burying her husband's career. armstrong said he couldn't talk about much of that conversation. >> i think she'd be okay with me saying this, but i'll take the liberty of saying and say, listen, i called you crazy, i kald you a bitch and i called you all these things, but i never talked you fat. >> talking about digging the hole deeper. well, lance, betsy andreu is definitely not okay with that. >> this is a guy who used to be my friend who decimated he. he could have come clean. he owed it to me. he owes it to the sport that he destroyed. >> but it's not just about the sport armstrong may have destroyed, it's about the lives he destroyed through years of bullying and legal retaliation, the victims, often friends and teammates, left with careers and reputations ruined. and bank accounts depleted. "talk back" for you today, what did you take away from the armstrong interview?
Jan 20, 2013 11:15am EST
close. she calls them uncle cleve. he closer frankie. he pays to send her to college. but happens is francis is growing up and her relationship changes from uncle cleve to godfather to a romantic interest. cleveland started sending her letters. it's the full-court press on courting her. >> now joining us here on her booktv set is trained to. her most recent book is so spoke the earth -- "so spoke the earth". in january 2010, where were you? >> i was here in miami and the deeper market with my daughter when someone called me and said there had been an earthquake in haiti. of course so many lives were changed at a loss to family members and many friends in the country that something like 200,000 people. >> host: when did you get to haiti after the earthquake? >> guest: i had a little baby at the time, slated back until three weeks later to see some family and friends and how they were doing. >> host: you've got to haiti three weeks after the earthquake or it was a difficult trip in what was it like when you got there? >> guest: it was difficult to see all the construction, all the s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 120 (some duplicates have been removed)